Conditions of use

Conditions and terms of use

Terms acceptance

This web site is the official website of the NCTIP Dolhasca and has as purpose to make available to the interested persons, the touristic information about the promoted area.

The use of the web site presupposes the acceptance of the terms and conditions specified bellow.

The terms and conditions can be modified at any time by the site’s administrator, further on referred as “Administrator”, without a prior notification of the persons that use it, further on referred as “Users”.

The Users will have permanent access to the terms and conditions of services use in order to be able to consult with them at any time.

By accessing and navigating this site, the Users implicitly accept the terms of use described further on. In case they do not agree with the imposed conditions and terms, the Users must stop using this service.

Description of services

Through its services, the site provides the Users with information, photographs, video clips and news.

Liability Disclaimer

NCTIP maintains this site in order to insure the public access to information regarding tourist activities.

The Administrator makes efforts to insure that the information is accurate and in time. At error signaling, the Administrator will try to correct them as soon as possible.

The information offered:

-is exclusively of general nature;

-is not obligatory to be entirely pervasive, complete, correct or up to date;

-may contain other web-links on which NCTIP Dolhasca does not hold any control and for which does not take any responsibility.

An available document on this site is not obligatory to reproduce the text of an official document.

Only the documents and paper print normative acts by the competent bodies are considered authentic.

The Administrator does not take any responsibility in case some of the information is delayed, lost, erased or being taken out from our servers for any reason.

Likewise, he does not take any responsibility for the consequences that may rise because of the delay, the loss or inaccuracy of the published or existing information on this site.

The Users will make use of the provided information on the site at their own risk and in case of damage generated by the service use or provided information, the Users must accept that the Administrator will be absolved of any responsibility.

The notion of liability disclaimer does not affect the responsibility of NCTIP Dolhasca to comply with the legislation in force and cannot exclude NCTIP’s obligations imposed by the law.

General Rules

The site’s Administrator declares the followings:

-will make all reasonable efforts to realize the site’s goal;

-will make all efforts (of technical or other nature) in order to insure the proper functioning of the web site, however, there may exist interruptions in operation or access impossibilities by the Users, on an indefinite period of time, for any reason;

-as the occurrence of new situations so require, the Administrator may modify the conditions and terms of use.

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